Real Estate



We provide advice on a wide range of real estate transactions and matters derived from various work undertaken for developers, construction companies, owners, investors, lenders and underwriters in the acquisition, development, construction, ownership, operation, leasing and financing of all types of real estate assets including commercial real estate, hotels, marinas and ports and residential and mixed use projects. 
The Firm undertakes extensive real estate due diligence covering issues such as ownership, leases, rights of easement, governmental permits (construction licenses, building use permits, etc.), zoning, environmental matters, rights of easement and other property rights and similar issues.
Examples of our work in this area includes:
Construction projects including design and procurement
Shopping mall lease contracts
Condominium projects
Real estate acquisitions and sales
Real estate aspects of joint ventures
Hotel and leisure sector projects
Expropriation aspects of project finance transactions
Establishment and discharge of mortgages
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