Corporate And Commercial



We provide both regular retainer based corporate and commercial advisory services for our clients as well as bespoke advice for specific matters.


On corporate advisory, we provide company law advice on matters ranging from regular general assembly or board meetings, capital increases or reductions, amendments of articles of association and other corporate authorities and compliance of both private and public companies with the Turkish Commercial Code, corporate governance standards and related applicable legislation.


For commercial transactions, we have in depth expertise in franchising, licensing, distribution, outsourcing and dealer arrangements, as well as long term commercial supply and sale contracts, in particular in the commodity (agricultural, oil and gas, industrials), life sciences, retail, telecommunications, media and technology sectors. We can assist in day to day issues in these areas as well manage projects for the delivery of key franchising, licensing, dealer, management or consultancy contracts and other long term procurement, supply or distribution agreements.


The Firm has sector specific experience including oil industry related agreements, such as joint operating agreements and oil and gas purchase agreements, storage and logistics contracts, IT or back office outsourcing agreements, hospitality and storage agreements.

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